If you own a cat you know that they like to keep themselves clean and like grooming with a cat brush. They even have bristled tongues to keep the dirt and debris out of their fur. Unfortunately, though, their own grooming can only do so much. It’s important for cat owners to also regularly brush their cats. The hitch is in finding the right cat brush for your beloved pet.

There are so many types of cat brushes available that it can be hard to make the right decision. With this tough choice in mind, we’ve put together some facts for you in this cat brush buyer’s guide.

Get A Cat Brush To Suit Your Cat’s Coat

There are so many different types of cat brushes for one simple reason – there are lots of different types of coats. As you know, some cats have short fur, some have long fur and many have fur that is somewhere between the two. It’s a good idea to take a look at your cat’s coat before you decide on buying a cat brush.

And you’ll probably want to have a different cat brush for each grooming job, as each type of cat brush can do things that the other types of brushes cannot. This may seem like a lot of complication over a simple cat grooming purchase, but it pays to be prepared before you buy any cat brushes.

Hard Bristled Cat Brush

A cat brush with hard, wire bristles is ideal for cats with very dense coats. These types of brushes help to keep the cat’s fur from tangling and knotting up. These types of brushes are very popular with cat owners, and have been around for a long time. Be sure that you don’t brush too hard with these brushes, as your cat may not enjoy the experience, and you could potentially cause some irritation to the cat’s skin.

Soft Bristled Cat Brush

There are some cats that simply won’t sit for a grooming session with a hard bristled cat brush. These cats may, however, enjoy being brushed with a softer-bristled cat brush. Soft bristled cat brushes are ideal for cats who just can’t bear to deal with wire brushes. These cat brushes are also good for cats with very short, sleek coats. Again, you have to remember that even though the bristles are softer you still have to take a gentle approach when using them on your cat.

Palm Cat Brush

If you have a cat who is not going to let you use any kind of traditional cat brush, it may be time to get a bit sneaky, with a rubber palm cat brush. These kinds of cat brushes fit neatly in the palm of your hand. The bristles are rubber, so there are usually no issues with sensitivity. And, best of all, your cat may not even notice that you are using the cat brush. When the cat comes to you for attention, you palm the cat brush and do a bit of grooming under the guise of petting.

Brushing With A Cat Brush Is Essential For Cats

Even though your cat is very adept at cleaning him or herself, you have to maintain a regular schedule of brushing to keep the cat’s fur and skin healthy and attractive. Brushing your cat with a cat brush on a regular basis will help to remove dead skin, dirt, debris and excess hair.

Using a cat brush also helps many cats to relax and enjoy some bonding time, so it serves a psychological purpose as well. To be prepared, be sure that you have several cat brushes around the house. That way you can help your cat to live a healthy, comfortable life, while maintaining an attractive, knot-free coat with a very good cat brush.